Here are pics and info on my more interesting gear (DIY projects, modded synths, circuit bent toys, etc)

Korg Poly 800 with Filter Mod
First of all, I got this thing for $100. Not a bad deal in itself for a digital/analog hybrid synth! Digital waveforms, analog filter, MIDI in/out, etc. It's a nice little synth, with a mediocre VCF, but no knobs for cutoff or resonance. Turning to the trusty dubya-dubya-dubya I found a filter mod for the Poly 800. This was the first filter mod that I tried. It was alright.

I finally got around to upgrading to the 'Moog Slayer' filter mod. What a phaaaat filter. Holy stinkin crap.

Korg Poly-800 with filter mod
Budget Electronic/Acoustic Drum Kit
First of all, I don't really play the drums, but I will... as soon as I finish my kit. I bought a partial cheapo drum kit from some neighbors. I've got a kick, snare, 3 toms, and a hihat stand. I bought a cheap MIDI drum translator (Casio DZ-1) for converting drum pad signals to MIDI. I got a Remo practice pad and implanted a piezo sensor in it.
MIDI to SB16
I built this from a article in an issue of Nuts & Volts. It goes from a standard 15 pin joystick port on a sound card to MIDI in/out. If you look on the web there are plenty of joystick port to MIDI schematics. This one is quite excellent because it has not one but three MIDI outs and a switch for MIDI to joystick or just MIDI thru. For a case I used an old Hayes modem. There are two power LEDs where the modem status lights were located. The author of the article has placed the project online at Midwest Analog Products.MIDI to SB16
Speak 'n' Hell
Picked this bad boy up at a yard sale for a few bucks. I lacked the intellect to play the spelling games, so I decided to open it up and do a little surgery. There's one big chip inside of it that does everything. So I basically screwed around with it, bridging pins on the chip, until I found a few really cool spots. I attached two momentary buttons to the spots, drilled two holes on the front panel, and mounted the buttons. I have one 'fuzz' button and one 'speech impediment' button.

On eBay there's some dude who sells SnSes with a complete patch bay from the logic chip. I prefer button mashing.

Speak 'n' Hell
Yamaha TX16W
This is a classic lo-fi floppy based sampler. No hardware mods on this baby, but it does run an alternative to the Yamaha operating system: Typhoon 2000. This OS is easier, faster, and just plain better than the original. The TX16W is cheap and Typhoon is free, so if you're on a budget and don't mind a lo-fi sound, this is for you. Tons of people still use this and there are many resources available, like patches, utils, etc.Yamaha TX16W Sampler
Future Projects . . .
I have several kiddie synths that need modding. Output jacks are the first things needed on toy synths, and I have added some to a few toys, but no real sound altering mods yet. I'm always tempted when I go to a thrift store or yard sale. I play with all the toys and contemplate buying anything that makes some sort of digital noise. I always tell myself, "You can't buy any new toys until you hack the ones you already own." I'll just leave them for the next ciruit bender who comes through (or for a little kid who actually wants to play with the toy).